5 Terrible Opening Lines on Dating Apps (and how to fix them)

5 Terrible Opening Lines on Dating Apps (and how to fix them)

(and how to fix them)

The hottest person just matched with you. Unbelievable. And now… You gotta text them.

May the panic begin.

In our digital world, how you start a conversation online can make all the difference, especially when you’re trying to find ~the one~. High stakes. But stop panicking! There is always a way.

Here are five ways to help you make and then keep that real connection. Or, put another way, here are five examples of what you really shouldn’t do to start a convo on a dating app.

Just… Stay away from the coronavirus

Although health is top of mind for everyone these days, maybe you shouldn’t be mentioning COVID-19. It’s the equivalent of talking about the weather, and everyone knows it’s bad these days.

Instead of being boring, show your potential bae that you look forward to non-quarantine times and start making real-time memories. Play Gone Forever, for instance, and make some inside jokes that you can take outside when quarantine is over.

Did it hurt when you overused that line about Heaven?

I’m not even going to write it out. We all know the one.

Dating is all about letting the other person in on all your good and all your bad, not just your angel side. No one is perfect, and even as a corny pickup line, you really shouldn’t base a relationship on someone being perfect. No married couple would say their partner is perfect, so why should you?

Prime the stage for healthy, productive conflict with a little fun exercise we call Kiss, Marry, Fight here at XO to figure out what side you and your new partner are on. The Devil’s in the details!

Admit it. You’re neither Leonardo DiCaprio nor Kate Winslet

Ah, yes. Titanic. The epic love story. But really, these days, I don’t really think the Titanic is helping too many people find the Rose to their Jack:

But if there’s one thing that the film still got right, it’s that drawing gets you all the girls. So why don’t you both show off your skills with one of XO’s drawing games? Test your artistic skill with I Draw, You Title, or just try out Exquisite Corpse for a more collaborative masterpiece.

Say no to the mind games, even if you think it’s cute

Wow, talk about mixed messages. It’s good to show your fun side when you text, but how do you build trust with someone when you lead with sarcasm? Trust is all about building a solid back and forth. So why not try your communication skills with Synchronicity to learn how to read your partner’s mind?

Keep it a little on the mysterious side

If you think you’re oversharing about yourself… Maybe you are. Sure, it can be funny for some (and hilarious to write for yourself or a friend) but, well, there’s a reason why discretion is key in any relationship.

You don’t have to take your relationship slow, but you should definitely supply answers one at a time, and only one answer per question. So start with One Question, and then make your next move.

Originality is how you’ll find the one, so if all else fails, resort to your own imagination, not just something you found on the Internet 😉. We’ll see you on XO!

Original publish date: September 18, 2020